Monthly net worth update: November 2019

Note: Most of our money is saved in our national currency, but I'm converting it to CAD here.

Total savings: 33,970+17,175+215=51,360 CAD ~38.590 USD

Total savings for the move to Canada: 4,580+2,910=7,490 (Planned for 2-3 months while I'm looking for a job, plus leftover salary. If I'll need anything else, we'll tap into the liquid savings account.)

Other than that, we have ~535 CAD each, left in our personal accounts for current spending; and 255 euro / 375 CAD – leftover cash from Tenerife, out of which we have also paid the rent (which is 400 EUR for us).

+5,378 USD over the October tweeter update – which is quite a big difference, so it looks like I might have missed something when I calculated it then.

Our biggest expenses this month were, in chronological order:

1) The 2-week trip to Tenerife, which cost us about 2000 EUR (2,950 CAD) in total. We booked the flights on Kiwi and the accommodation on Airbnb in August to get the best prices. A quick breakdown of the prices would be (in EUR): 540 airbnb + 240 car rental + 525 flights + ~695 food and miscellaneous. Totally worth it! The island has good infrastructure, beautiful and diverse nature – and the fact that we could rent a car helped us explore it better. The highlight of the trip was the hike above the clouds, descending from the Teide volcano, with the same amazing view as in the photo above, which took us about 7h – and after which we could feel pain in our legs for three days.

2) The one-way flight to Montreal for February – which I also booked on Kiwi – 510 EUR. It's happening!!!

3) The one week trip to Egypt – 970 EUR (we got a discount for being with the same tourist agency last year). We booked the holiday for right after my last day at work – which leaves me 2 weeks to be fully prepared for the move.

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~ Photo of the Teide park by Michal Mrozek on Unsplash ~